The Prince of Mist

The Prince of Mist was the first novel I ever published and it marked the beginning of my career as a writer in 1992. Readers familiar with my later work may not know that my first novels were originally published as ‘young adult’ books.

But I believe that storytelling transcends age limitations, and I hope readers of my adult novels will be tempted to explore these stories of magic, mystery and adventure. Lastly to all new readers, I hope you will come to enjoy these novels too as you begin your own adventures in the world of books.

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The Prince of Mist

About The Book

In 1943, Max Carver’s father – a watchmaker and inventor – decides to move his family to a small town on the coast, to an abandoned house that holds many secrets and stories of its own. Behind the house Max discovers an overgrown garden surrounded by a metal fence topped with a six-pointed star. In the centre is a large statue of a clown set in another six-pointed star.

As the family settles in they grow increasingly uneasy: Max’s sister Alicia has disturbing dreams while his other sister, Irina, hears voices whispering to her from an old wardrobe. With his new friend Roland, Max also discovers the wreck of a boat that sank many years ago in a terrible storm. Everyone on board perished except for one man – an engineer who built the lighthouse at the end of the beach.

As they learn more about the wreck, the chilling story of a legendary figure called the Prince of Mist begins to emerge…



In the Press

‘Everybody's talking about Carlos Ruiz Zafón, the bestselling author of The Shadow of the Wind, and The Angel's Game, who returns with The Prince of Mist. This very scary ghost story stayed at the top of the Spanish book charts for two years and is now translated into English for the first time. The haunting tale is aimed at readers of all ages, so is one to share with the whole family.’ Good Housekeeping
‘In this page-turner, a young hero finds himself in a house haunted by secrets he is fated to uncover - but at what cost? Magical, and even though I'm a grown-up, SCARY!’ Lauren Laverne, Grazia
'Readers of all ages will find mystery, thrills, and nail-biting suspense - it has the force of Stephen King spiced with the subtlety of Neil Gaiman' Waterstones Books Quarterly
‘Nine-year-old Max Carver sets out to rescue his nearest and dearest from the malevolent character who embroils his victims in sinister pacts.’ SFX


The Music

There is no better way to read THE PRINCE OF MIST than with a soundtrack composed by Carlos himself.

This soundtrack is copyrighted. You may view and download the file for free for your enjoyment, but you may not copy the file or share or forward it to any other person.

Soundtrack for The Prince of Mist: produced, composed, arranged and performed by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – Copyright © by Dragonworks, S.L



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