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THE ANGEL'S GAME was massive in Spain. 600,000 copies were sold in the first week, and it went straight in at number one. Spain's first print run was one million copies and the launch was the largest ever seen. The book has sold almost 1.6 million copies in Spain to date and has also been number 1 in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Norway and much of Latin America. In June The Angel's Game will also be published in America, Australia, and Holland.

German reviews for THE ANGEL'S GAME

'Just as he did in THE SHADOW OF THE WIND, Zafón leads the reader, in this hybrid of romance and tragedy, to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, through a labyrinth of love and passion, of deception and intrigue. And once more the language, as grandiloquent as it is beautiful, creates a magic spell that's almost impossible to break. Jenni Roth, LITERARISCHE WELT

'He's gone and done it again ... THE ANGEL'S GAME ticks all the boxes: it's a thriller, a romantic fantasy and a fast-paced historical crime novel ... THE ANGEL'S GAME is another guaranteed bestseller from the Barcelona of old.' Dieter Moor, TTT (ARD)

'In the same way that Cervantes, creator of Don Quixote, took apart the conventions of the Picaresque novel, so Zafón parodies the popular genres of his day. He seeks to parody, shrewdly and in a manner highly reminiscent of Cervantes, not the coarse and superficially comic aspects of genre fiction, but rather its paradigms and rules, and does this by mimicking them precisely. The result is a text that's impossible to put down, because you know the mystery on one page is sure to enmesh you in a new puzzle on the next. Gregor Ziolkowski, DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR

'This is a deserving follow-up to Carlos Ruiz Zafón's bestseller THE SHADOW OF THE WIND in every respect. [Zafón's] 19th-century forefathers, most notably Dickens, wrote books that not only enjoyed massive success in their day, but also had a timeless appeal. Zafón's achievement here is worthy of that tradition and, with its sideways nods to the horror novels of old, the book is an illuminating commentary on an important literary tradition.' Tilman Sprckelsen, FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINEN SONNTAGSZEITUNG

'In his second novel, Carlos Ruiz Zafón succeeds once more in interweaving a multitude of different strands. From the very start the reader is gripped by one thought and one thought alone: what happens at the end? It's the same ingredients, the same recipe, but this new serving tastes so delicious there's only one thing for it: to read [it] as quickly as you can.' Elske Brault, NDR KULTUR

'A book as powerful as it is tender, as funny as it is dark, and tremendously enthralling. Frauke Kaberka, DPA

'Thrilling, without a shadow of a doubt ... [Zafón] is a consummate master of the storytelling art ... An extremely gripping story. Eberhard Falcke, BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK

'Zafón ensures, in the twists and the turns of the plot, that the reader is never thrown off course, and his dialogue - the story's most powerful driving force - has a brilliance worthy of Raymond Chandler' Markus Jakob, NZZ

'The language in THE ANGEL'S GAME is full-bodied and striking.The novel is cleverly constructed, rampantly sprawling, literature's answer to the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, that neo-Gothic emblem of Barcelona . thrilling and packed with suspense! Patric Seibel, NDR INFO

'Entertainment at its best. Ruiz Zafón is a master at creating suspense over and over again, in spite of numerous scenes and settings there is enormous drive. Ruiz Zafón tells his story with baroque enthusiasm' Norbert Mayer, DIE PRESSE

Italian Reviews for THE ANGEL'S GAME

'The Dickens of Barcelona..Every line has the flavour and explosive power of gunpowder, blood, ghosts and curses' CORRIERE DELLA SERA MAGAZINE

'Zafón succeeds in giving to his stories an atmosphere that is ethereal, suspenseful, and intimate' IL RIFORMISTA

'The reader is taken by the hand from revelation to revelation, a bit like at the cinema, with the difference being that in the book the evidence is always in front of you. The ability of Carlos Ruiz Zafón is in the skill of utilising different ingredients in order to create a real and solid popular novel, bound up with love and with his passion for books. TTL ANGELA BIANCHINI