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Reviews for THE ANGEL'S GAME

'Bold, serious and shocking. His treatment of Spain's tortured history in the 20th century is as significant as his literary skill. These are things that belong not just to one city, but to the world.' Margaret Reynolds, THE TIMES

'The prose is intelligent but unpretentious, and the author is clear in his intentions to provide a rollicking, fun read... the novel's themes address the power of narrative, and many sharp lines pertain to storytelling... hugely enjoyable.' LIONEL SHRIVER THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

'In this book about books, Zafón writes about Spain's harrowing history with literary aplomb.' THE TIMES

'Revisits some of Zafón's much loved urban landscapes in old Barcelona. Yet this novel stands alone, a complement or even an antagonist to its forerunner. If the previous book celebrated the ecstasies of reading then this one - no less in love with literature, and no less crammed with archetypal plots - explores the agonies of writing.' BOYD TONKIN, THE INDEPENDENT

'The Cemetery of Forgotten Books - 'a colossal labyrinth of bridges, passages and shelves' - is a wonderful creation, and there are many thrilling set pieces.' MARK SANDERSON, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

'Scintillating. A heady brew of detective thriller, supernatural horror tale, magical realist fable and heartbreaking love story. It explores life, death, religious belief and - more than anything - the lonely, bitter - sweet self - torture that it is to be a writer, and the central role of books, especially fiction, in our understanding of the human condition' Daily Mail

'Rattling good gothic fun' Spectator

'The Angel's Game is full of gothic features: darkness, ruined houses, locked rooms, the smell of damp earth and portentous conversations conducted by candlelight.' THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

'A thrilling labyrinthine plot packed with murder, mystery and an obsessive love affair' FANNY BLAKE, WOMAN AND HOME

'another imaginative gothic tale' HARPERS BAZAAR

'Those who were hooked on Zafón's The Shadow of the Wind will be similarly entranced by The Angel's Game... dark and disturbing narrative... Surprising and bittersweet, it's as potent as an Audrey Niffengger novel, with a nod to a certain nineteenth - century romance.' PSYCHOLOGIES

'If you're looking for a hearty good read for the summer hols, a book you can doze over by the pool, pack it with the sunscreen and midge repellent. It's got the lot: good setting (Barcelona noir), old fashioned chunky plot, a dash of horror and the merest shaving of raciness... The mysteries within mysteries will be enough to keep you turning pages even after a couple of cervezas.' THE HERALD

'Another gothic tale about the magic of books and the darkest corners of the human soul' IRISH INDEPENDENT

'spellbinding new bestseller... Succeeding brilliantly on several levels The Angel's Game is the finest novel I have read this year, and stands as a fascinating tribute to the power of the human imagination.' YORKSHIRE EVENING POST

'The tale is rich, evocative and literate, with Great Expectations and Faust among its more nakedly displayed influences. Zafón is a great describer, with a cinematic flair for murders and sexual encounters.' EVENING STANDARD

'The Angel's Game is equally brilliant both in translation and originality... You are left to find your own way out of the labyrinth - a pleasant fate for a reader to have to face.' THE BOOK CATAPULT website

'Dripping in atmosphere. It's Super Gothic, an old - fashioned creepy tale... a much darker book... I don't think I can say much more about this book without sounding like I'm gushing. The Angel's Game won't have to be put in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books but it will make on to my Bookshelf of Unlendable Books. If I lent this one out and never got it back there would be hell to pay.' book-a-rama website